To celebrate our 170th anniversary we pay tribute to the women of Africa. The women who share with us the love for genuine Wax Hollandais. Who made us part of their heritage, and therefore they have become a part of ours too.

We are thankful to all the women who cherish and adore our fabrics. The women who started the tradition of giving our textiles as presents during the circle of life. The passionate traders who created original textiles with us that suit the African taste. They even enriched our designs by giving them meaningful titles and stories.

We embrace the generations of African women who have expressed their originality, pride and class by wearing our fabrics. Creating unique fashion styles, melting their creative minds with famous Vlisco print designs.

In honour of all African women, we would’d like to share with you the encouraging stories of 8 powerful ladies who are the faces of this 170 years campaign. Although they all come from different backgrounds, each of their journeys is inspiring. Their stories teach us all about pride, humility, perseverance and fulfilling your dreams with elegance, grace and style.

As a part of the celebration, there will be lots of activities and events throughout the year and we would love you to join us. You can find out what’s happening in your city and at www.vlisco.com.

Start shopping our celebration fabrics the women are wearing here or by clicking on the fabrics below!


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