Vlisco’s textile designer Francesca Franceschi loves flowers. This season she designed two floral fabrics, a reason for us to have a little talk with her.

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Hi Francesca, could you please tell us something about yourself?
I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl in Rome. After attending art school and studying graphic design I worked for various fashion brands before I started my job at Vlisco, almost two years ago. Working here is like a dream come true. I work in an atelier with plenty of freedom, and there’s a dynamic but relaxed atmosphere, without all the egos and pressure the fashion industry is renowned for. The attitude here seems to be that if you’re talented, the magic will happen spontaneously.

Could you describe your work?
My work is my passion, and I draw what I love, which is mostly flowers and botanicals. You’d think it would be limiting, but there are so many different shapes of flowers. They are simple and beautiful, layered and very feminine, bold and colourful and sometimes even a little crazy. When designing, I like to create well-balanced compositions that look sweet and innocent on the surface, but hide something quirky, if you look hard enough.

What I design is very much about the moment. For example, one day you’ll prepare a complicated 3-course meal for friends and another time you make soup and bread for yourself. Both can be exquisite. It works like that with design too; sometimes you have a more layered design and sometimes it’s more simple. Both can work. It’s also incredible how colour combinations can change a design.

How do you feel when you see women walking in your fabric designs?
It still seems unreal to me to think that women will buy my designs and make something for themselves to wear. Given that it is only the second collection that includes my designs – the process from sketch to shop can take more than a year – I have yet to see someone wearing my fabrics. I can’t wait. It’s all very exciting.


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‘It’s incredible how colour combinations can change a design’

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