Her passion for fashion started when she fell in love with her mother's fashion process. With a growing portfolio and idem followers on social media, it is not surprising that the beautiful Ghanaian Afua Rida, who’s sense of style is influenced by her mother, is now a true fashion influencer herself. In fact, last Saturday she was honoured by Glitz Africa with a “Fashion Blogger of the year” award. We decided to have a moment with her and ask her some questions about fashion, her work as a stylist and African identity.

1. African print is everywhere nowadays, even in the Western fashion scene. How would you, as a fashion insider, say that African print is being (re)interpreted in Ghana, and how does that differ from the Western’s interpretation/image of African print?
In Ghana we love our prints. It is being used by practically all the fashion houses in interesting and innovative ways. Even though the print craze has crossed over into Western fashion, their trends change all the time. African prints will always be significant in Ghanaian fashion. It will always be used for our cultural attire, furniture and our art pieces. It is the fabric of our lives, literally.

2. What defines your African identity? And how is that being reflected in your work?
I was born here and have a deep connection with the land. Ghana raised me. As Ghanaians, we are colourful and bold, both structured and flowly.

3. What’s the fun part of styling your clients?
The fun part is meeting people from different walks of life who are not only fun to work with, but enrich and inspire my work every day. I love the challenge of dealing with new situations and having to push myself creatively. Seeing the final look is always the best part. Seeing my client looking and feeling amazing makes the sometimes tedious process all worth it.

4. How do you want to help change the image of the Ghanaian fashion industry?
The Ghanaian fashion industry can only get better from where we are now. As much as I think that we need to look to other parts of the world that already have booming fashion industries, it is also very important that we stay true to who we are culturally and have that reflect in our work. The rest of the world needs to see our rich culture and how we project that into our creations.

5. What have been the biggest highlights in your career as a Fashion Stylist? Any notable people you have been lucky and fortunate enough to style?
I am really blessed to be able to do the work that I do as a stylist in Ghana. I get to work with our talented designers, photographers, models, make-up artists and celebrities.

I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity by BBnZ to co style the lovely Lauryn Hill. Her style is very bold with lots of layering, mixing of prints but very edgy. Being in Ghana to perform, it was important to Lauryn Hill that she rocked some African print. A volume skirt was constructed with Vlisco. She was a vision in her print turtle neck sheer blouse, tucked into her beautiful Vlisco skirt. Her knee high Sophia Webster boots was the cherry on top!

6. How do you think your role as an influencer in Ghana will evolve in the next five years?
At the moment it is a very exciting time for fashion in Ghana. The industry is shaping up and there are so many types of creative people emerging.

As an influencer, I want to encourage more designers, photographers, stylists and fashion journalists to share their talent with the world. I hope that I would be able to create a whole new platform for Ghanaian creatives through my influence. By wearing their clothes and sharing their designs with the world via my blog or social media everyone would recognize the talent and creativity that is in Ghana. I hope that through my influence there will be a demand internationally for Ghanaian creatives. Follow and get inspired by Afua here! Thanks for your time, Afua!


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