We met South African native, David Tlale, at the opening of the Vlisco Unfolded exhibition during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Tomorrow he will show his fashion designs, with Vlisco fabrics, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa.

Your fashion show is tomorrow night, nervous?

Yes, I am so excited! And a bit nervous of course. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

We are using the VLISCO Disc design, fused with a little bit of gold. For me it’s like a kick-off to say ‘we as a brand believe in luxury’ and also VLISCO fabrics are luxury, it’s African luxury.

– Vlisco Classic Disc Design –

And where does your inspiration come from?

From ballerinas! The collection focuses on the Victorian style. Like ball skirts, full on skirts with pockets but with high waist and a power white blouse, an engineered sleeve or a patterned sleeve. I also try to bring it to the next generation, because I think the future generation is the first to try it and they make it more appealing than just making it a David Tlale original.

Ok. You’re a designer but a lot of our fans design their own pieces like skirts, do you have some tips for them?

I think the most important thing is to pay attention to detail and to respect the culture behind the fabric, because it takes so much time to develop a fabric. And also very important is how you finish your garment to make sure that you over lock it. Furthermore, make sure that the fitting is good, because when someone is looking at you, by the time you sit down and they see threads, that’s such a turn off, because you’ve used an expensive fabric. So, you might as well take the extra mile to make sure that the quality or the finish of the product is really impeccable.

Why did you choose for this Vlisco Limited Edition fabric, the disc?

I think the VLISCO Disc design is the one that resonated with my brand. And the colors are really spring and summery.

You took the pink one?

Yes, because there were like three colors, green, purple and pink. The pink was vibrant. The options are endless.

Do you use them for a part of the outfit or did you totally go for the print?

I went for full-on VLISCO print.

There’s a lot of stories behind Vlisco’s fabrics, do you have one as well, your own story?

Sure, do you have a day (laughs)? I have a lot of stories, but I think after my show I’ll have a better story to tell because right now, as much as I have been working with this collection for over a few months, I think in the next seven days that are left before the fitting, there’s going to be a lot coming out. Now, as of Monday, all the creativity and all the stories and the experiments will come out. I’d say, I’ll tell you a better story after a week!

Thank you David and good luck tomorrow!



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