In case you did not know her yet, let us introduce to you MsK, owner of the blog African Prints in Fashion. She has been exposed to African cloth and print basically all of her life and decided to explore the topic even more on her blog. This stylish lady finds inspiration everywhere around her and we love it! So, we did a little interview.

But first, MsK, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kukua , blogging as MsK, I am a Ghanaian-German living in NYC. I moved because I was searching for inspiration and new ideals. Creating the blog “African Prints in Fashion” has very much to do with NYC and this fusion. Living here has enforced my “can do”/”why not just try and see what happens” attitude.

Why blogging about African fashion?

The Ankara-inspired Burberry Resort collection of 2012 really peaked my interest in the topic and in exploring the facets of African Fashion. At first I realized that I couldn’t really name many African designers besides Ozwald Boateng and this bothered me, as I knew that there must be many others. Thus I started to blog in order to find out what else is out there. Also I am half African, I just had a personal interest in finding out more about African Fashion. Another reason is diversity – the fashion industry isn’t very diverse and was/is very much focused on Europe and the US and it is important to realize that there is so much more unrecognised talent.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic – I like to mix prints with vintage finds from the thrift store, trendy finds from main street stores and items from African designers. In winter I can sometimes be found wearing black only – I guess that’s just NYC, but I am trying not to that too often and at least add a print skirt to my look.

How does Vlisco fit into your style?

The Vlisco prints are great highlights in my wardrobe. I have many skirts that I created from different Vlisco collections and whenever I wear them I make sure to add a uni-coloured top so that the prints pop. People always ask me where I got my skirts or dresses from. Another way how I used my vibrant Vlisco print is as inner lining for a trench coat – now it’s a staple in my wardrobe in Spring and Autumn. My favorite combination: with an all denim look.

What is your favourite THINK outfit in our Lookbook?

My personal favorite is the Elegant Simplicity look. I just adore the prints in this look. The top looks regal and I really like the contrast with the green & blue print pencil skirt. It looks elegant, cool, edgy and the prints are unique and a head-turner.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

Everywhere! It might be someone on the subway wearing something where I feel like “Hey, I need to try this combination!”. And of course there is also Pinterest and Instagram.

What is your fashion tip for this season?

Don't throw away your crop tops and jumpsuits – crop tops and jumpsuits are here to stay this Spring/Summer. Prints will still be in the mix and are not going anywhere. And of course: get a pair of silver or gold shoes or ideally one pair each! And ultimately:

Get inspired but be true to yourself – that usually looks best!

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