On stage, Angelique’s energy, smile and colourful garments celebrate her African heritage. Every day presents her with new opportunities to spread the word about the pride, resilience and positivity of African women.

Benin-born singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo is one of Africa’s leading female voices. She became the first African woman ever to win three American Grammy Awards. Time Magazine has named her ‘Africa’s premier diva’ and the BBC included her in their list of the 50 most iconic figures of Africa.

When Angelique is not thrilling her global audience, she uses her platform to bring attention to UNICEF. As a passionate ambassador of the organization, she speaks out on issues that affect children and young people. Her concert tours often include stops to visit UNICEF programmes.

Though she now lives in the US, Angelique grew up around her mother’s colourful Vlisco wax fabrics in Benin. She fondly refers to her as the ‘queen of elegance’ and still feels the close influence of her mother’s style.

“I miss my mum every day, she still wears her Wax Hollandais. When I come around she always wants to show me her new fabrics. My mother enjoys looking at the design and colours, touching it and telling the story behind it.” Clearly for Angelique, the love for Vlisco runs through the family.


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