Style and lifestyle blogger Jackline from Toronto, Canada from the blog Sincerely Miss J started blogging because of her passion for fashion. She loves inspiring people with her budget friendly and thrifted outfits. In this post she hopes her 50s inspired black & white Vlisco fabric pencil skirt dress will inspire you.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my personal style as simple, modest, and tailored. I often style a mixture of feminine and masculine tailored pieces. I love bold colors and textures and also enjoy the minimalistic look. My favourite things to wear are trousers, blazers, vests, and dresses. Black and white are my go-to.

How does Vlisco fit your style?
Vlisco has a variety of fabrics that appeal to the creative styles of many. The fabrics can be tailored to my personal style as they are very versatile. Vlisco offers quality fabrics that can be used to make the clean, tailored looks that I enjoy very much.

For the outfit(s) you made, you used a black & white fabric from the Woven Wisdom collection. Are you more of a monochrome person or do you prefer loud and bold colours? Why? I love bold colours and I style them every so often but my go-to has always been the monochrome black and white look. I love it because the monochrome look is very classic, versatile, and polished. Black and white can easily be styled together or with various other colours and still not look too busy.

How did the fabrics influence your creation(s)?
After seeing the monochromatic pattern I immediately envisioned creating a tailored look. I wanted something that would be versatile in its use. I wanted to create something that could be worn to the office, church, a wedding or any sort of formal/semi-formal occasion.

What was your (seamstress’) biggest challenge during this process?
For the dress, I worked with Rosemond who is one of the better seamstresses in Toronto. She has the ability to see the vision you have for what you want to make and is able to produce the end product without much difficulty. The main challenge was to find time to coordinate within such a short period of time as she was working on other pieces for other clients.
To which occasion will you wear this outfit?
The dress will be worn to a wedding but it can be styled for various other occasions. The dress can be styled as a pencil skirt and worn in a corporate setting.
Before I leave...
I love Vlisco! They have a plethora of beautiful patterns that allow you to make almost any type of attire to fit your need and style. My first experience with styling my own fabric from Vlisco was enlightening as it allowed me to demonstrate my creativity. Not to mention, I loved the end product and will definitely be using Vlisco fabrics more often.

If just like us you're inspired by Jackline's gorgeous dress, do not wait any longer to get your favourite black & white fabric here!


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