Real weddings
Bridesmaids in Uniform

Tell us about yourself and your background
I'm Victoria Brobbey a 26 years old holder of Bsc Marketing from Central University in Ghana. I'm a Ghanian from the Akan tribe.

What is the bride to you?
The bride is my best friend.

Was it a traditional or a modern wedding?
It was a traditional ceremony.

"The bride chose Vlisco because she wanted
a good quality fabric"

Why did the bride choose Vlisco for your outfits as bridesmaids?
The bride wanted us to look traditional and unique from what other bridesmaids wear on an occasion like that. She chose Vlisco because she wanted a good quality fabric.

Why this design/colour?
She chose the design and colour because of the colours she was using for her decoration and the design was also unique.

Did you all have a say in her fabric choice?
She chose the fabric herself and we loved her choice so we agreed to it.

Did you choose your own style/silhouette?
We chose our own style from several suggestions.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
In conclusion I will like to say a lot of people loved our outfit because we did something different from the usual and all thanks to Vlisco for that beautiful fabric.We have friends asking us about the fabric and how they will get some.I'm glad we chose Vlisco and I will choose Vlisco any other day.


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