Caroll, who’s a Project Manager based in Ivory Coast is a true Vlisco fan that is actually known for wearing Vlisco fabrics. She doesn’t just wear it in her spare time, but also to work and of course during the festive season! She picked this Vlisco fabric because Limited Edition Vlisco fabrics are rare in Ivory Coast and because she thinks it’s the best to wear to a dinner. Her tailor Liliane Helaise created this gorgeous dress for her, which she says is the kind of dress she likes wearing.

Could you please tell us something about your style?
My style could be described as very diverse. I wear stylish suits, ready to wear dresses and much pencil skirts. Also, I wear a lot of prints. In fact, most of the time, I would say 80% of the time I wear prints outfits to go to work. People even identify me to Vlisco prints. Vlisco prints are literally my favourite because the designs are always on top. Very classy, different, easy to use and to wear. I don’t only wear Vlisco prints to go to work. Even during the weekend, I wear Vlisco prints dresses. I like the way I look when I wear it.

Which Vlisco products/designs are mostly worn in your country?
Well, in my country, women really love Vlisco prints generally. They wear Super wax for special occasions for example. They also wear a lot of Wax Hollandais on a daily basis. It’s frequent to see women at work with their very nice Wax Hollandais outfits.

Why did you choose this Vlisco design for your outfit?
I made this choice because this print is very stylish. It’s a limited edition and is kind of rare here. The pink colour is very fresh and will make the outfit glow without any efforts.

Why did you choose to make what you made?
This dress is the kind of dress I like wearing. I feel comfortable and very classy in this kind of maxi dress.

"Vlisco prints are literally my favourite because the designs are always on top."

Where did you get the inspiration from to make this?
I saw something similar on an Instagram page and I completely fell in love with it. But I added something special which is the pink tulle on the sleeve and the lower part of the dress. It adds something special and glamorous to the dress.

What did you pair it with and why did you choose these?
I will wear a discrete choker. It will reveal so much grace that I won’t need to wear earrings. It will be gold and pink. I will put a golden make up on the eyes to match with the choker. I will put some black heels and a black clutch to match with the shoes.

What are your plans/ideas/wishes for 2017?
For 2017 I wish to have a very strong health to succeed and achieve all the projects I have. I also wish to have my parents and friends still around me, spreading some love as usual. Professionally, I clearly wish to have a promotion at work and go to the next level. Another wish is to start creating a family, getting married and maybe get pregnant to have beautiful twins girls that will match some Vlisco outfits with me!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Vlisco outfit with us, Caroll!



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