This week we put our Classic designs in the spotlight!

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One of our eldest designs is ‘the Disc’.


The most exciting thing about VLISCO fabrics is that they are named by our fans. In fact, that’s what makes us unique worldwide. A name lends emotional appeal to a fabric. It can conjure up pleasant associations, say something about you or do something to you.

This drawing first appeared on the market in the 1960s and goes by many names, such as Plaque-Plaque, Target, Nsu Bura (which means ‘water well’ in Ghana) and Consulaire. Other names include Gbédjégan, a traditional straw king’s hat in Togo, and Gbedze, a hat worn during daily activities to protect the wearer from the sun.

The design is also known as Record, thanks to the circular shape of the motif, which reminds many consumers and traders of old school records that were played on a gramophone.

This design is made by Mr. Piet Snel in 1936 and was derived from a very old drawing made in 1924. Mr. Snel worked at Vlisco from 1907 to 1957.


This circle motif is copied exactly as it is used by Western fashion and textile brands to express an African idiom.

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