Rachel Mulumba, the designer of these unique fashionable pieces, combined with the yellow uni colour fabric, is a self-employed designer who lives in Congo Kinshasa. Her style is all about chic and trendy fashion with a touch of originality. Read more about the little collection she created that was inspired by the 50's fashion. Read more about her motivation behind the pieces she made below.

I am an emerging designer, I have started 4 months ago since when I have done with my studies. I am graduated in fashion design at the university of Johannesburg /South Africa.

I am passionate about creating clothes. This is my second time to make clothes with vlisco fabric and I hope this will not be my last time. Finding the right balance between the two fabrics ( uni color and woven wisdom) was not hard because the uni color (yellow ) matches well with others pattern's colors.

The fabric did also influence the items I made, because every time I had to think of a design, I was obligated to find something that could permit the use of the two fabrics. Also I have used some patterns to create a collar and sleeve shape which I could not get with other fabric ( fabric with different patterns).

During the making process, I had to remove some ideas because they did not work well and I added others ideas instead. This was the most challenging part of the process.

These outfits can be worn at any chic and smart event in the Congo DRC (eg: church ceremony, work, party, dinner, etc...)

Yes of course Vlisco fabric is popular in my country, people do wear it at any occasion in their everyday style.


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