On their second day in the Netherlands, the Vlisco ambassadors’ day started in the second Vlisco office, where they were informed about the True Original Vlisco fabrics.


Afterwards, the women dived more into the Dutch culture by visiting a cheese farm. After they were shown the process of making cheese, which included a visit to the milk cows, they got to taste authentic pieces of cheese of the farm. You can imagine everyone wanted to do their little shopping to bring a piece of Dutch cheese to their countries!


After a typical Dutch lunch in a cozy lunchroom, the ambassadors visited Madurodam, a park that displays the Netherlands in miniature. The perfect way to see more of the Netherlands when you’re visiting the country in a rush!

When visiting Madurodam, there’s no nicer place to have refreshments than at the beach nearby. And that’s where the ambassadors brought their day to a close to get some rest for their third and last day in the Netherlands.

Click here to read what the women did yesterday.

You can find all the fabrics the Vlisco ambassadors have been wearing during the past two days here.

Curious to find out what they’re doing tomorrow? Stay tuned for more!

Photography by Seth Carnill


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