Meet textile designer Kim Schipperheyn who joined Vlisco right out of the Design Academy and has been working here for seven years.

Despite having grown up in a village near Helmond, the Netherlands, where Vlisco fabrics are manufactured, it was only after a tour at Vlisco that I knew I wanted to work there. No other fashion company works like Vlisco does – its positive vibe felt as comforting as a warm bath to me.

My design signature is decorative, illustrative, floral and botanical, but it’s changed over the years – it’s much more detailed and sophisticated now. My designs often start off small and grow bigger and richer; it’s finished when I can’t improve on it. Where I once thought mainly in colour, I am now more focused on creating a strong drawing. Of course, the designers and the Vlisco colour experts work together to choose the colours and determine how they will work on the designs. For instance, the soft colours of this collection allow the drawing to be more delicate, because the colours don’t dominate.

"For me it’s always important to keep your eye on the future"

Design is a profession in which your emotions play an important role, and whatever you’re feeling and experiencing become part of your designs. Therefore, I associate certain designs with specific events or periods in my life. It always comes from the heart. Whatever ‘my story’ is behind a design however, everybody will interpret it in their own unique way. In fact, I believe that drawings and their meanings cross borders, and the same design can have different meanings to people in the same country or the same meanings on two continents – it’s all down to perception.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw someone in one of my designs. A man was wearing a suit made from my ‘perfume bottles’ design. It was so unexpected, especially because it wasn’t a woman. In fact, the best part of the job is seeing what fashions people create with the designs that are so personal to me.

Kim's Favourites

This season I drew the mirror design. For me it’s always important to keep your eye on the future but also to look back and value all the beautiful moments in life. But of course you can create your own story, share it with us on stories.vlisco.com.

All designs in this article are designed by Kim Schipperheyn.


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