Designer Focus… Marjan de Groot

A moment with… Marjan de Groot


Marjan de Groot
Study: Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Time at Vlisco: 17 years
Why Vlisco: at Vlisco, there is an ideology of making very beautiful things

At Vlisco, we have a very diverse team of textile designers, each with their own individual style, experience and ideals in design. This season geometrical designs play a lead role, so Vlisco’s textile designer Marjan de Groot created three fabrics with the most distinctive geometry.

VL_FI_VL050719_R_00 VL_FI_VL055770_R_00 VL_FI_VL054231_R_00

Since joining Vlisco Marjan has never looked back. She has always valued the time Vlisco allows her to invest in each and every design. “At Vlisco, I have the freedom and space to research and discover my design. I can play with ideas and patterns until I find something that’s just right.”

When conjuring up thoughts for her designs, she allowed her mind to drift through her deep skills of geometrical forms, “The challenge is to be original every time, so for this collection’s designs I played with circles, stripes and lines, exploring shapes and colours in new ways.”

She continues, “I also played with optical illusions, graphic effects and varying contrast of colour and scale. Endlessly moving, assessing, tweaking and searching for the form that feels right, I’ve always loved this process.”

Click here to shop the new HERO collection, which also includes the fabric designs by Marjan de Groot.

Marjan also designed some beautiful fabrics for previous Vlisco collections, such as the Parade of Charm Collection. Discover all her designs here.


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