Fashion Designer:
Eloi Sessou

Eloi Sessou is a proud Ivorian in the midst of an exciting movement in modern African fashion. His design signature is a combination of African fashion details like Maasai necklines and local beads, combined with chic western styling of the ‘50s to ‘70s.

Before he was receiving praise on the runways, Eloi was on a completely different path – following an academic career at the University of Abidjan. But it wasn’t long before his lifelong interest in fashion took centre stage in his life. “I think something in me was predestined to end up in fashion”.

In his path to becoming a fashion designer, he became keenly aware of the unique ways that African women wear fabrics, jewellery and embroidery. He explores these beautiful cultural expressions within his own creative vision of fashion.

Vlisco fabrics have made a regular appearance in his designs and showcases and he truly appreciates this collaboration. According to Eloi, Vlisco plays an important role by encouraging creativity in the local fashion design scene. “Vlisco tries to create a link between the creator and the brand”.



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