Fashion Designer: Janneke Van Lieshout

With everything Janneke Van Lieshout creates, there’s a combination of expressive imagination as well as clever thinking. Under her fashionable alter ego Janice Caro, Janneke has designed and created for several fashion brands.

When Vlisco asked Janneke to create a collection of outfits, she looked to the fabric designs for her inspiration. “Vlisco fabrics lend themselves for so many different combinations,” notes Janneke. “You can keep it calm, make it more edgy, or use multiple colour images.”

Struck by the versatility of Vlisco, Janneke decided to create her collection around the idea of combining: to give you the freedom to transform outfits according to the occasion and your mood. Using the kimono design as an example, Janneke shows how it can be worn loosely for a younger, more casual mood, or as a dress for a more traditional and feminine impression.

Ultimately, Janneke aimed to create a collection around how people dress in real life, adding or switching elements of an outfit to express how you feel in that moment. This way, each piece has the exciting potential to be worn in a new way every time. “They’ll continue to challenge you and you will never be bored!”



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