The Vlisco Java Vintage collection is a special selection of early Java designs from our archives. Each fabric is an original, crafted decades ago by Vlisco. We invite you to rediscover the timeless style of Vlisco Java Vintage.

Vlisco began creating Java designs in 1852 as an homage to the ancient art of Indonesian batik. Java was and still is renowned for its stunningly intricate details and designs of flora and fauna. Generations later, these designs carry the understated elegance and exotic flair that is so celebrated in fashion.

"Delight in every detail"

The designs of Java Vintage are characterized by a highly refined style of drawing, using countless tiny dots and fine details to create the image. They depict captivating subjects and ornaments found in nature, whereby each fabric becomes a work of art.

The smooth surface of this densely woven, quality cotton feels soft to the skin as it envelops the body and is perfect to realize all the romantic or bohemian fashion looks you have in mind.

Discover the capsule collection here.


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