Love through the generations

Allow your mind to drift to distant memories of when you were a small child. Surrounding you was the love, strength and wisdom of your mother. And there too was Vlisco, the true original, silently accompanying you through every special moment. Life is a journey of embracing and reinterpreting the traditions of days gone by and creating a few of your own. Each mother who is blessed with a daughter passes on their wisdom and creates newfound traditions and moments to share; special moments, like a visit to a Vlisco fashion show, a regular girls-only lunch or dressing up for a party. Cherish these moments knowing you’ll always feel confident and proud in the true original, Vlisco.

Claudia and her daughter Lucy-Lya

“As a child, it was always a treat to buy Vlisco fabrics with my mother and grandmother and now my own daughter is always happy to wear her unique Vlisco dress. I’m passing on the love of Vlisco to her.”

They are wearing a classic design called Fleurs de Mariage (Wedding flowers).

Kawira and her daughters Kathure and Mukami

“I fell in love with Vlisco. Women in West Africa treat Vlisco like gold; precious and to be cherished and adored.”

These new Voilà for you, by Vlisco, designs are a new young generation of colourful, lightweight fabrics for everyday style.

Each season we use inspiration from the past and present to create new inspiration and classics that form part of our heritage and traditions to be shared with you and your daughters to come.

Click on the image to view the fabric in our online shop. These fabrics also make a nice Mother's Day gift!


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