Chayet Chiénin, blogger of Nothing But the Wax, lives in Paris and loves Wax and colours. Not surprising that these two topics are regularly discussed on her blog as well as on her social media channels. Next to her job as entrepreneur, Chayet takes her readers along on her colourful Wax journey and shares all the bits and bobs around her creations. We decided to introduce her to you!

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging 4 years ago and at that time I wanted to share my love for wax prints. Then I discovered that a lot of designers were creating beautiful clothes with this fabric. My aim then became to show people the new African Fashion scene, which is totally amazing, whether they use wax prints or not.

Tell us something about your style…
My style is quite versatile, depending on my mood. Sometimes I love to embrace my femininity, other times, I would just rock an androgynous or bohemian look. Nothing is defined, as I love and do a lot of different things. So it is quite difficult to put me in one single box.

We know you’re a big fan of African prints. What do you like the most about Vlisco designs and colours?
What I like about vlisco is the richness and creativity of the designs and the brightness of the colours. But what I like the most is Vlisco’s ability to make my eyes sparkle at each new collection. Vlisco always finds new bright ideas to bring out their prints through very qualitative and beautiful lookbooks.

How did your love for African print start?
That’s a good question! I would say that my love for African print started when I was younger, living in Ivory Coast with my grandmother. My grandmother was very classy and feminine … and she still is. She introduced me to African prints with her incredible style and by taking me with her to the market to buy wax prints.

Which 3 Vlisco fabrics would you pick to offer as Vlisco presents for Christmas and why?

VL_FI_VL008063_R_00 VL_FI_VL031161_R_01 VL_FI_VL059629_R_00

The first fabric is one of my favorites among Vlisco’s classics. Actually, it reminds me a lot my childhood in Ivory Coast. My grandmother often wore this particular one, so each time I see it for me it’s like a “Madeleine de Proust”. This fabric would be a beautiful present to my friend Sabine, from the blog De Reis naar Batik, who loves fabrics with birds on it.

I love the second one, the Dashiki aka Addis Abeba aka Angelina print, because of the small details all around the fabric, which contrasts with the center with no many patterns but some colourful spaces . This fabric is like an invitation to a trip in Asia, I would even say in Bali! It would be a very nice gift to offer to my friend Diane, who loves using this fabric in her creations.

I love the third design because of this particular design. There are only two main colors, so it’s perfect for the ones who don’t feel at ease with too many colors.

Are you wearing African prints this festive season?
For me, prints are a part of my lifestyle, it’s not about style but rather a lifestyle. So, yes I’m wearing African prints this festive season, and during winter and even when I decide not to go outside and stay comfortable at home.

What’s your ultimate fashion tip for the festive season?
Don’t be shy girls, just shine like a diamond for this festive season! The only point is to make a statement with your colours, prints and feel comfortable to enjoy the party!

Thanks for your time, Chayet!

Photography: Nothing but the Wax

‘For me, prints are a part of my lifestyle, it’s not about style but rather a lifestyle.’

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