Meet Uju Marshall, one of the models from this Ramadan inspired Vlisco shoot.

What makes Uju Marshall tick? Tell us a bit about yourself
My dreams make me tick. What motivates me as a model is trying to bring out the best part of myself to create or present myself in the best way, so what I am being hired to do will be perfect. Trying to be the be the best I CAN BE. I am a laidback person and calm. I am the last of 5 kids, from the Eastern part of the country and I came to Lagos to model.

What are your thoughts on today’s shoot?
Fantastic. When you have a great team, make-up artist, photographer and stylist, everyone working hard, it always turns out good. I loved it. I loved the Vlisco fabric, their prints are unique it keeps getting better, every collection is always fresher and I love it.

What are your thoughts on the theme(Ramadan)?
It’s the season we celebrate here in Nigeria, it’s something different for me and I love it, the head wraps and turban. I enjoyed it, it was like playing dress up.

What does it mean to you to shoot for Vlisco?
It means a lot to me, because my first major fashion show was with Vlisco. About 7 or 8 years ago, they did a fashion show and different designers made pieces using Vlisco fabric. During backstage, before the show, they (Vlisco) showed us the the catalogue’s and I always wished that someday I would be the one here, in this catalogue. When this shoot came, it was like wow, my dream came true. I am very happy.

What are your thoughts on Vlisco’s previous campaigns?
It’s always inspiring.

Did you have to prepare specially for today’s shoot?
Yes. Because I absolutely love Vlisco and wanted it to be perfect. I
researched about the company, previous shoot and how they work.

What was your favorite outfit?
The Ladymaker’s long red dress. I loved the print and the simplicity yet very chic design.

Do you have a favorite Vlisco print of all times?
It’s hard to say, they are all very fantastic.

Thanks UJU for your time!


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