New – Colours of the City

Colour and design go hand-in-hand at Vlisco. The two complement one another, combining to create the final look. A team of designers, colour technicians and colour experts work on a unique Vlisco colour card every season.

Contemporary and dynamic, African city life is depicted in the 3 new pastel shades of the season; Dusty Pink, Turquoise and Green. When combined with traditional colours, the result is a fresh and exciting colour card, which portrays a stunning contrast between these two worlds.

Our colours undergo continuous testing in our colour lab. Here, they are exposed to extreme quantities of light and water. Only those colours that withstand this rigorous testing are printed on our fabrics. Colouring is an essential part of our craft, so we promise you that your luxurious fabrics will retain their deep and intense colours. Our colours do not fade: even after and respectful washing exposure to the harsh African sunlight.


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