This week Graphic & Fashion Designer Constance (Instagram: @efstanzz) shows us how she wears the new coloured Angelina. Get inspired by her two fashionable and inspiring outfits and get your light blue Angelina today!

When did you hear about Vlisco for the first time?
I grew up in a home where almost everyone sews, so I grew up seeing Vlisco fabrics being brought to life in different styles on different people.

What is your Vlisco top 3 of the current collection (“SEE”) and why?
These are my top 3 favorite. There are so many hidden forms to seek out within this three-dimensional wonder of a Vlisco print. Its intricate design comes alive with so many different angles to appreciate.

Why do you think the iconic Angelina design is a must-have?
I think it is a must-have because it is not just about the design, it is more than that. The design has so much history behind it.

How would you describe your style?
Elegant and classy without having to forgo my comfort, exquisite yet simple and decent.

How does Vlisco fit into your style?
Vlisco designs are elegant and classy and you can never go wrong with Vlisco fabrics.

Did you enjoy working with the Angelina fabric?
Yes, I loved working with it and bringing the patterns to life.

Where did you get your inspiration from to start working on your Vlisco items?
My main inspiration came from the pattern and the color. Not wanting to destroy the beauty of the pattern and also considering my style of class and elegance, I decided to break from the norm of the usual trends and make it mine.

Why did you decide to make the items you made?
I have always seen myself as uniquely weird so I decided to do something different from the usual. I incorporated my personal style and my love for peplums. I decided to go with a long peplum skirt with a front slit showing a little skin but not too much. I paired the skirt with a white crop top to ensure all attention was on the beauty of the skirt. The second item was a fitting dress with a three-quarter flair sleeves. I love the nature of a woman’s body- I love curves. A woman must be soft and at the same time empowering so I toned down the femininity of the dress with a white long sleeve shirt. Different is good!

How is working with Vlisco fabrics different from working with any other type of fabrics?
It makes me understand that the need for versatility and as a designer it means there is so much to deliver! One cannot be a lousy designer with a beautiful Vlisco print!

Which one of the items you sewed is your favourite?
As a matter of fact, I can’t choose between any of them. I love them both.

What’s your ultimate fashion tip (for the festive season)?
Go Funky, try something new but be you and be comfortable, it’s all about how comfortable you are and how confidently you rock what you wear.

Anything else you would like to say…
You can never go wrong with Vlisco! Just amazing.


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