This week fashionblogger Abigail from the blog Akwiyah shows us how she wears the new coloured Angelina. Get inspired by her three fashionable and inspiring outfits and get your light blue Angelina today!

When did you hear about Vlisco for the first time?
I would be lying if I said I remember the first time I heard about Vlisco – That’s like asking if I remember my first birthday! Growing up in Ghana, Vlisco has been always been a favorite for my mom and I for as long as I can remember. I remember making up fake accomplishments just so I could get my mom to buy Vlisco for me as a present – I still do it today.

What is your Vlisco top 3 of the current collection (“SEE”) and why?

VL_FI_VL064850_R_00 (1) VL_FI_VL064482_R_00 (2) VL_FI_VL066822_R_00

For some reason, I have been gravitating towards blue almost subconsciously. I am a sucker for mixing prints. Every time I lay my eyes on prints that just complement each other it literally makes my day brighter. The first two fabrics were made in print mixing heaven. The third Spanish fan design literally made me gasp – if there was an emoji for that moment it would be the emoji with two hearts as eyes. The possibilities for this print are endless. In my mind, which is a little crazy, this print lends itself to couture as well as edgy androgynous styles.

Why do you think this iconic Vlisco design is a must-have?
I believe the Angelina is iconic because it almost serves as an instant gateway to African culture and fashion. It is one fabric that is instantly synonymous with printed wax fabric that have been part of our culture for several years. When you see someone, either African or foreign, rocking Angelina/Dashiki they look like they are proudly showing off a piece of our culture.

How would you describe your style?
I’ve always said my style cannot be described with a few words. With that said, there certain pieces I definitely gravitate toward such as tailored pants because they complement my height and body shape. Depending on the occasion and how daring I want to be my style can be androgynous or proper and lady like. I love having fun with fashion. I like to make the most of what I have available to me. Over the past year living in Ghana, I’ve definitely taken advantage of the ability to design my own clothes and be inspired by my culture.

How does Vlisco fit into your style?
I have never shied away from prints. When most girls were saying “that print will look nice with a solid color to match” I was the one girl saying “no I want to mix it with another print – Please and thank you!” Vlisco produces innovational prints that allow me to be loud, bold and different. As far back as I can remember my mom and I have browsed through Vlisco catalogs together. We love doing this together because there is always so much inspiration.

Did you enjoy working with the Angelina fabric?
I loved working with this Angelina fabric. The best surprise was when I opened the fabric up with my seamstress, we noticed that pattern was different as compared to other pieces of Angelina fabric you see online and around Accra.

Where did you get your inspiration from to start working on your Vlisco items?
To be honest, sometimes when I design clothes my inspiration does not come from outside influences. With this Angelina fabric I almost kind of let the pattern and the color speak to me. It may sounds crazy and cooky but it’s the truth. Sometimes you just have to listen to the inspiration the fabric gives you.

Why did you decide to make the items you made?
Firstly, I wanted to challenge myself to make versatile pieces. The two peplum tops are the most versatile piece. I paired it with a button down and tailored peg pants for a conservative look for work. It can also be paired with a chic pair of white culottes. The crop top and maxi skirt is daring and bold. It is a departure from anything I usually wear. The festive season is coming up and that means party season in Ghana. That outfit will be perfect for standing out!

How is working with Vlisco fabrics different from working with any other type of fabrics?
The quality is definitely unparalleled. Apart from that, I can always count on the innovation from Vlisco. I love how Vlisco always goes above and beyond to inspire customers to think outside of the box. As a girly girl I appreciate pretty packaging. With Vlisco the physical packaging is gorgeous and the inspiration to think outside of the box is unparalleled – that is the full package!

Which one of the items you sewed is your favourite?
I love each piece, but if I have to pick one I would say the peplum top I paired with the white culottes is my favourite. It is unexpected and chic for cocktail attire. When you have a peplum top with that beautiful print pattern work in the front and back, you can pair it with different separates and let the beauty of the print do the work!

What’s your ultimate fashion tip (for the festive season)?
My ultimate fashion tip for the festive season? Be bold and different! As a Ghanaian woman I believe the need to dress to impress is in my DNA. Adorn yourself with something funky and celebrate your boldness this season.

Anything else you would like to say…
I am in love with this baby blue Angelina fabric. It inspired me to create outfits that make me look slicker than the average this festive season!


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