This week's Connoisseur of Style is Sabine. IN this post Sabine shows us how she, together with her tailor, transformed her piece of new coloured Angelina(6 yards) into three beautiful items. Read the interview below and view the photos of her looks in the slideshow at the end of this post!

When did you hear about Vlisco for the first time?
My mother always wore Vlisco fabrics like any real African mother, but I actually started to really hear about Vlisco (and to be interested in it) from advertising campaigns since 2010.

What is your Vlisco top 3 of the current collection (“SEE”) and why?

VL_FI_VL065324_R_00 (2) VL_FI_VL066679_R_00 (1) VL_FI_VL066988_R_00

Why do you think this iconic Vlisco design is a must-have?
The Angelina fabric brings me back to extremely cool tunics of the 60’s - 70’s and everyone knows I love this era. This fabric has both a typically African and traditional je-ne-sais-quoi and something very cool. That’s definitely a must have.

How would you describe your style?
Very chic, colorful, original and eclectic.

How does Vlisco fit into your style?
I wear mostly cotton and absolutely love prints. I’m feeling myself wearing Vlisco cause to me, Vlisco is the symbol of elegance and sophistication when it comes to these printed cotton fabrics related to African culture and heritage.

Did you enjoy working with the Angelina fabric?
It was definitely a very interesting experience since I had to be creative to use this fabric differently from what I used to see.

Where did you get your inspiration from to start working on your Vlisco items?
On pinterest. Like anybody in 2015, isn’t it? I looked at my favorite designers creations and looked for any other inspiration…?

Why did you decide to make the items you made?
I decided to make a crop top which I could wear casually, a skirt for a working girl outfit and a dress I could wear for a ceremony or to party.

- I made this crop top cause I thought the usual Dashiki tunic would be cliché and also because I love crop tops.
- I made a skirt for many reasons. First, I do not have enough Vlisco skirts. Second, a beautiful skirt is always effective with a shirt or top for working outfits. Third, a skirt is a good way to exploit and highlight a printed fabric.
- I must confess that I hesitated between pants and a dress for the third outfit, but the dress was final an evidence with this color and the patterns of this fabric.

How is working with Vlisco fabrics different from working with any other type of fabrics?
Vlisco different products ranges offer a variety of textures, colors and prints and so many possibilities for creativity. It’s always both challenging and fun to work with Vlisco fabrics.

Which one of the items you sewed is your favourite?
My favourite item is actually the skirt. Can’t wait to try all the combinations I know it can offer!

What’s your ultimate fashion tip (for the festive season)?
Want to feel unique during the year-end parties? Made to measure Vlisco outfits will never disappoint you.


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