This season, one of our textile designers, Mateusz Paja paid tribute to the African heritage and handicraft. Inspired by the Masaai he created this eccentric Wax design. Mateusz: “My inspiration was stunning Masaai’s beadwork, jewellery and handcrafted patchwork quilts.”

The Masaai are a tribe of people who live in parts of Tanzania and Kenya and are more often than not recognised by their distinctive clothing and beautiful beaded jewellery. The way the Masaai wears these beadings and the colours they use depends on their (marital) status, rituals and ceremonies and their gender.

But, what do these colours actually stand for? We found out the next for you:

Red symbolises unity, bravery and strength.

Blue represents the sky which brings water and therefore symbolises growth and energy.

Green represents the land, which symbolises nourishment and the growth of roots.

Orange represents animal skins which symbolises warmth and hospitality.

Yellow represents the sun which symbolises fertility and growth.

White represents milk which symbolises purity and health.

Which colours speak to you the most? Shop your favourite colour way of this design here.


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