A moment with… Sanne van Winden


Vlisco’s characteristic printed fabric would not be possible without our team of very talented textile designers, who mastermind each new fabric.

Sanne, where did it all start?
In The Hague, in the Netherlands, where I attended the Royal Academy of Art. My studies focused on fashion and textile, but I worked as a freelance illustrator and pattern designer after graduation I was very keen to work for Vlisco.

At Vlisco, designers can retain their own visual language. Vlisco is a perfect match for me, where the drawing is always central to the creation of any fabric.

How does it feel to see your designs come from the factory?
Unreal. Seeing my ideas come to life like that was like a dream come true. I sometimes check the internet, out of curiosity. I once saw a photo on Facebook of a Fan wearing my design. That was so special! The internet brings Africa a bit closer.

Sanne, what did you design for this season?
For this season I designed the Java. I would love to see how people will wear it.

VL_FI_VL047213_R_00 VL_FI_VL047214_R_00 VL_FI_VL047215_R_00

And what’s your contribution in this season’s campaign?
I was asked to add imagination to the photography of this season’s campaign through added illustrations. I used certain Iconic Vlisco symbols, such as the key. I can’t wait to hear what people think about it.


Click here to shop the new Celebrate collection, which also includes the fabric design by Sanne van Winden.

Sanne also designed some beautiful fabrics for previous Vlisco collections, such as the Hommage à l’Art Collection. Discover all her designs here.

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VL_FI_VL044299_R_00 VL_FI_VL044296_R_00 VL_FI_VL044306_R_00


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