Ezinne Chinkata for
Vlisco Ramadan shoot

My name Is Ezinne Chinkata and I am the founder of the Zinkata brand. We run a Fashion Consultancy Service, Fashion Retail (Boutique) and Blog called Zinkata.

I am very passionate about the Nigerian fashion industry and eager to see African Fashion grow and develop to it’s utmost capacity.

I was very intrigued by this project and sourced pieces from brands whose products would best interpret the theme of the shoot. I am also quite obsessed with Vlisco! The shoot was centred around four keywords to project Ramadan: sophisticated, luxe, co-ordinated and pretty. I sourced for different brands bearing these in mind.

Shoes: For shoes, I teamed up with luxury retailer, Polo avenue. The Islam bride represents beauty, femininity, restrained glamour, luxury and elegance. Polo avenue shoes were the perfect fit.

Jewellery: For earrings and accessories, I went with a brand called Raya (Instagram: @raya.jewellery). Their aesthetic is more of bold, gold jewellery, colourful stones all coming together quite elegantly. They were the perfect brand to best compliment the Vlisco prints as well as project the theme of the shoot.

Turbans and Headgears: Ladies usually have their hair covered in elegant wraps and turbans during Ramadan. I went with complimentary hues of turbans and head-wraps for the different Vlisco prints. I partnered with Abaya Lagos (Instagram: @abaya_lagos) for this side of the project and this was quite a worthy collaboration. She was equally as passionate about the project as I was and very skilled in the business of hand-crafting elegant turbans and head wraps. interpreting the different turban styles for the different designers and coming up with different ideas to best project Ramadan using Vlisco prints was such fun!!!

It was a genius idea for Vlisco, coming up with an idea of interpreting Ramadan outfits using Vlisco prints. Vlisco prints represents authentic luxurious Ankara prints and interesting patterns. Marrying the beautiful prints to Ramadan styles was such a seamless harmony for the designers. It all came together very grandly!


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