Imagine: you just pressed the "order" button on and a few days later your order arrives. Your Vlisco fabrics are here! But then... What to do with your fabrics? How to get the most out of your yards? Blogger Safiatou and Vlisco fan Caroll created two completely different looks with just one design. Draw your inspiration from it to create your own Vlisco outfit or get it done by a tailor!

Though our fabrics are bold, it's definitely not impossible to wear them to any occasion and to use them for multiple looks. Blogger Safiatou for instance, created colourful trousers that she combined with a pink top that perfectly complements the pink touch in her fabric. A great way to save some fabric for more fashion items. Safiatou: "I chose to make two totally different looks with this 6 yard fabric, a long dress for a classic church celebration or a family diner and the second look, which is featured in this blog post, would be nice to wear when partying with friends."

Caroll on the other hand, used her six yards of the same Super-wax design for an elegant maxi dress that is more suitable for traditional occasions, but just as good for a fashionable gala look or as a wedding guest. "I chose this style because this is the kind of dress I like wearing. I feel comfortable and very classy in this kind of maxi dress," she says.

Safiatou: "Anything is possible with Vlisco Wax fabrics."

No matter which outfit inspires you the most, they'll both make you steal the show. Simply collect images on social media for fashion inspiration, like Safiatou and Caroll did, discuss with your tailor what's possible with the Vlisco design you opted for and try to get the most out of your 6 yards fabric(s)!

Don't forget to tag your beautiful Vlisco outfit with #vliscooutfit on Instagram or to email them at to share them with us!

Fabric suggestions by Safiatou & Caroll


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