Meet Grace Onyekwelu

Meet Grace Onyekwelu, a model from Abia State, Nigeria.

Hello Grace. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Grace Onyekwelu and I am a freelance model. I am from Abia state, Nigeria and a graduate of Forestry and Wood Technology. I am a model and a make-up artist. Modeling is my passion whilst Make-up Atrtistry is my profession

Tell us a bit about your first ever experience with Vlisco.
I first modeled Vlisco fabrics by amazing designers in 2009. It was a big deal for me then as a model because I was still upcoming.

What do you think of the set for today’s shoot?
Everything looks professional and properly planned, It appears it’s going to be an amazing experience, as we have different professionals in their fields on set.

What does it mean for you to shoot with Vlisco?
It’s a big deal for me. Way back in 2009, when I started working with Vlisco, I had always imagined what it would be like to model for their campaigns. I am happy it’s happening today.

What was the best part of today’s shoot?
For me it was towards the end of the shoot, just happy seeing everything going well in a friendly environment with nice and professional people.

What are your thoughts on the Ramadan interpretation with Vlisco prints?
Well interpreted, well done Vlisco. The turbans also have a good feeling as that completes a proper muslim look.

Which outfit did you enjoy wearing the most?
My first outfit, the bridal look.

What is the one thing you absolutely hate during photo-shoots?
Not working with professionals. It makes photoshoots difficult for me.

Any parting words?
It was indeed a good experience. I am very happy to add this to my portfolio.
Well done Vlisco and thanks to the amazing team for putting the shoot together.


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