Odio Mimonet for
Vlisco Ramadan shoot

Vlisco teamed up with Odio Mimonet from Lagos to design 4 outfits suitable to wear with Ramadan. We asked her a few questions:

How would you describe the Odio Mimonet aesthethic?
“Elegant with a Twist of personality “ or Electic Chic . A fusion of cultures.

What in your opinion is the major characteristic of Modest dressing?
The Major Characteristic of Modest dressing is 80 percent covering of which all the essential sensitive areas of a woman must be included in the covered areas

Did your vast experience in designing for the Northern ladies play a major role in your inspiration behind designing these pieces with Vlisco fabric?
Yes it did.

What makes the designs suitable for Ramadan?
Ramadan is an Islamic festival in which a Holy month of fasting and religious denial is observed of which one of the goals is measured by Chastity. Modest coverage is also an outward measure of Chastity . Thus suitable for Ramadan.

Vlisco and Ramadan. Can you describe why this combination is a perfect fit?
Vlisco and the brand formerly known as Hollandais has been associated with Africa as a whole , More so because of their bright and vibrant colors and designs , which collectively reflects the richness of Color found in our everyday life in Africa , be it in our Vegetation , or temperate conditions . Vlisco and Ramadan would always be in sync as Ramadan reflects a huge part of Islam and African Culture

Which design was the longest to create?
My longest to create is the design with the beaded works

What is your favorite fabric blend from the Vlisco fabrics?
My favorite fabric blend would be the Cotton Canary Yellow.

What was your favorite part of the design process?
The actualization of the designs. Watching it all come together.

How often do Vlisco prints play a role in your collections?
Vlisco plays a role in all my collections because of its versatility. The cotton blend wax is used to blend dresses and other prints in all my collection.

Which of the outfits designed would you wear to a Ramadan wedding?
I would wear the purple long dress with the green side flare. Secondly, I would wear the yellow with green florals with the tiered back flared detail.

Which is you all-time favorite Vlisco fabric?
That's a tough one. Most likely the dotted records pattern and florals. They are classics.


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