Patricia believes that every woman who seizes her opportunities is able to change her life and build a better future. Guided by three keywords, she continues to set an incredible example with her own life.

“When I was a little girl I used to say that I wanted to be a ‘grand dame’,” says Patricia, “a lady who inspires her community, who makes change happen.” With ambition and hard work, Patricia’s childhood dream is already becoming a reality.

The DRC-based entrepreneur believes in three keywords to achieve success: determination, perseverance and hope. These keywords have inspired a series of impressive accomplishments, including building a school for Congolese orphans, launching a micro-financing system to stimulate entrepreneurship for women, and creating inspirational books for girls.

Patricia was recognized for her activities with the Young Leaders Prize in 2012. “I had the opportunity to do what I love for a living and meet many talented women. I want to share the secrets of success with African girls and women. And also give voice and visibility to African working ladies, those who can inspire our children.”

At a young age, her entrepreneurial spirit also crossed paths with Vlisco. “My grandmother loved Dutch wax fabrics,” recalls Patricia. “When I was 18 I decided to open a sewing workshop and create clothes with Vlisco fabrics. That’s when I first noticed the quality of the Vlisco range.”


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