Prêt-à-Créer outfit

Sewing blogger Yetunde, of the blog Sew Urbane, was one of the first to try a Vlisco Prêt-à-Créer pre-pack. These pre-packs come with two selected fabrics and sewing patterns for a top and pencil skirt. And this is the result! Yetunde was happy to provide you with some tips and tricks on working with the pre-packs.

Why did you enjoy working with the pre-pack?

Yes, I absolutely enjoyed working with the pre-pack. One of the things I was more excited about is the fact that I have everything I needed in one box. I didn’t have to go through the process of trying to find a pattern for a fabric or finding the perfect fabric for a pattern. This saves me a lot of time, trust me. I love that the skirt pattern is for a long midi pencil skirt. It’s very chic and classy. I also love the subtle collar on the top and the dropped sleeves.

Would you sew it again?

Yes, I’ll definitely sew it again. And I would recommend to others. For the beginners sewers, the pattern instructions do not have pictures for each step. But each step is easy to understand and clear.

What did you think of the tutorial that was available on

For a beginner/intermediate sewer, the video is very helpful. It was short and to the point. If you get stuck while reading the instruction, the video is a great guide to show you exactly what you need to do.

Find the Prêt-à-Créer pre-pack that Yetunde used here

To what occasion would you wear this outfit and why?

I've already worn my outfit to church, for my nephew's (baby) dedication. I would also wear it to dinner with friends, a birthday party or even a baby or bridal shower. The outfit is classy, chic, and effortless. It was so comfortable to wear. And I love the simplicity of the design and the vibrant colors in the fabric.

Which other items could you pair with these pieces?

With the skirt, I would also wear it with either a peplum top/jacket or a fitted sweater. The top can easily be paired with a pair of jeans or circle skirt.

What are your tips for other people who want to use the pre-packs?

My tip for others is that they should first read the pattern instructions carefully so that they will not miss an importance step while sewing. And I'd also advise them to watch the tutorial video before starting. Also, make sure the fabric prints are all going in the same direction when cutting the fabric, making sure to match any lines at the seams if possible.

Yetunde Sarumi was born in Nigeria, but now lives in the United States. She has been sewing for almost 3 years and mostly uses African Prints for it. On her blog, she posts all of the garments she sews hoping to inspire others to learn how to sew.


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