How did you meet your husband?

I met Francis first year of college, at my birthday party. He was the DJ. He was a very smooth talker yet always straight to the point.
After the party that evening at my hostel, we talked all night till it was morning! hat was how we met!

Where did you get married?

We got married at Kokrobite, Accra (Ghana).

My husband and I work together and during our off-days, we normally would go to the beach at Kokrobite. It therefore became appropriate for us to get married at a place where we have had so much fun together.

What did you do?

Well, I planned my wedding! It’s a new area of business I am pursuing. We wanted to be honest with ourselves as to the theme of wedding thus the Rustic African theme.

"He was a very smooth talker
yet always straight to the point."

We wanted a more natural and relaxed setting which would accommodate some Ghanaian rural everyday items while maintaining the contemporary youthful vibe! We did a bit of research together and with the help of close friends and family put together an event that rocked: our wedding!

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

That’s easy! Walking down the aisle!

The attention on me was epic and at that moment, I couldn’t feel my feet! I was literally floating! Ha!

Tell us about your dress.

I love my dress! Aika, an Accra based fashion designer made it. My husband suggested we go cultural with our outfit, so I knew immediately I wanted a gown made from print fabric. The designer pulled it off nice! It took about a month to make the gown, and I used a full piece (12 yards) to get the results I wanted.

"I couldn’t feel my feet!
I was literally floating!"

Why Vlisco?

Vlisco was our first and only choice because of the designs, quality and of course prestige attached to it. Gowns are special to every bride, using superior fabric was more than appropriate!

Which song did you choose for the opening dance?

I walked down the aisle with ‘She is royal’ a Taurus Riley song. The dance floor was opened with a fuse of African music from all over the continent. Happy moments…


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