Real weddings
Diane & David

How did you get together?

After leaving Kinshasa in 2001 to relocate in London; I went back for a holiday in July 2010 to visit my parents. The first day I was there, I bumped into David. We connected and exchanged numbers. He actually told me that same day we met that one day I will be his wife!, and ever since, we started talking and felt in love. After 2 months I had to return to London and we decided that we were going to make our long distance relationship work.

"He told me that one day I would be his wife"

What about your big day

David and did our traditional wedding August 23rd 2014 in Toronto, Canada at the Marilyn Monroe towers because this is the tallest and most fancy building in Toronto. This brings me to my belief that weddings are really "the woman's big day" and this building is actually built in

the shape of a woman. Since this was our traditional wedding, we really tried to go for the African culture theme and embrace our culture. We were dressed in Vlisco, our decoration was done with African material, tropical fruits and African Baskets.

And your dress?

I really wanted something flashy yet elegant. I had lace at the top of the dress with mesh surrounding and along the arms. I chose the mermaid style and had a 2 meter train trail made from Vlisco fabric at the back. The wedding was in the summer and I decided to go with orange and burgundy as colours for my dress.

Why Vlisco?

I shopped for my material in Paris and chose Vlisco because, most of all, I wanted the best quantity and prestige brand out there. I really wanted to create a dress which will inspire future brides to wear.


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