Real weddings
Katie & Philippe

How did you meet?

We met in 2008 via a dating website. Philippe wrote to me first. He was living only 50km away from me. The point is that our profiles were absolutely complemen-
tary. He was looking for a woman who is comfortable in mountain boots to practice trekking as well as in high heels on a dance floor! As a joke I replied " don't look any further, you found me"!! I didn’t realise it was right lol!

"We are born on the same day!"

Tell us about your big day

We got married in 2012, in the south-west of France. We both didn’t want a traditional ceremony, with 200 people, white dress etc... We were both over 40 years old (the funny thing is that we were born on the same day, the 5th of November!). We wanted only our best

friends and our children around us, people to share our happiness with at this special day. So we were about 40 people in total. We gathered at the town hall and came back all together to our house. The garden was large enough for the lunch...and the party!

What was the highlight of your day?

The best moment I think was, besides the exchange of the rings provided by our 2 beautiful young bridesmaids, the love zouk that we danced together to start the party, surrounded by all our guests.
The song we chose for the dance is one of our favourites; a "love zouk" song from Fanny J, a French singer from Guyana. It is called "Ancrée À Ton Port" which means ‘anchored in your port’.

"Before the party started we danced
a love zouk together"

And what about your dress?

Since I'm a big fan of fashion and prac-
tised dress making when I was younger, I designed the model of the dress myself. I chose 2 fabrics from the Vlisco "Luxe" collection. I wanted to sew it myself but

time was passing so quickly that I had it tailored in Lomé, Togo during a family visit before our marriage. My husband's vest was made with the same fabrics, and the 2 bridesmaids’ dresses in Java.

Why Vlisco?

My husband spent quite some time in Africa and loves all African traditions, like dialects, arts...and fabrics of course!
It was a real desire of him to marry me in an original Vlisco dress. Of course he wanted to wear something that matched my dress.

For me Vlisco means the best African elegance and stylishness.


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