Safiatou is an Ivorian blogger who blogs about hair care, wax fabrics and her personal style. She describes her style as classic and chose this Vlisco fabric (which also comes without embellishment)because pink is her favourite colour and she thought the embellished details are perfectly festive. Find out more about Safiatou here.

Please tell us something about you as a blogger.
I started blogging in 2012 for share what I have learned about hair care and with time I start talk about things I love such as wax fabrics which I’m wearing most of time, where to find it, the designers which use it, new collections and I how I use and wear it for work or everyday looks.

Could you please tell us something about your style?
I think I have classic style.

Which Vlisco products / designs (Super-wax, Wax Hollandais, Java, etc.) are mostly worn in your country?
In my country Ivory Coast women mostly wear wax hollandaise.

Why did you choose this Vlisco design for your outfit?
I saw for the 1st time this Vlisco fabric at the launch of 2e festive collection and I literally fall in love with this embellish details in pink (my favorite color) and to my mind this is the best for a party outfit.

Why did you choose to make what you made?
I choose to make 2 totally different looks, the dress a classic church celebration or a family diner and the 2nd look is for a party with friends.

"This limited edition Vlisco fabric is the best for a party outfit."

Where did you get the inspiration from to make this?
I get inspiration on pinterest and for me all it is possible with wax fabrics.

What did you pair it with and why did you choose these?
I pair my looks with my favourite alvéoles earrings from Bee’s which is a local designer and golden bracelet and my glitter clutch for festive touch.

What are your plans/ideas/wishes for 2017?
In 2017 my blog will have 5 years and I plan to make it more professional, with new and attractive section and video.



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