This season, we tell our story in celebration of mothers and daughters. For generations, African women have used Vlisco fabrics to speak without saying a word. Passed on from mother to daughter, our cherished designs tell tales of wisdom and beauty through the ages.

Therefore, we interviewed some mothers, daughters, aunts and nieces about their use of Vlisco fabrics throughout the generations. Today we'll start with Mrs. Blandine Gbenydzi & her niece Sandrine.

Mrs. Gbenyedzi, can you please tell us something about what you're wearing?
R: The dress I'm wearing is made with a classic fabric which we called " Tsigan vo ". "Tsigan" symbolizes the Vlisco fabrics which reflect the quality. We modernized it and here we are! It is very gorgeous, I can wear it everywhere.

How would you describe your style?
R: My style is the style of a lady of age, I was able to wear this beautiful camisole and a well cut skirt. I do feel like it makes me look very modern and young (laughs).

What does "being a Connoisseur of Style" means to you?
R: I feel privileged to be an expert of style. I am very pleased because as soon as I touch a fabric I know immediately whether it's a real or a fake Vlisco because my mother was a seller of Vlisco Dutch Wax, and my father was a storeman in the UAC (today called VAC Togo). Thus I have been touching fabrics since my childhood, which makes that I cannot be a victim of counterfeit.


And how does Vlisco inspire you?
R: Personally, I love the cheerful and clear colors, I hate all black or dark colours in general. When I see a fabric and touch it, I know what I want and that it suits me. Thus I am inspired by colors in the fabric(tissue) to create my models.

Why do you choose Vlisco?
R: The quality of genuine Vlisco fabrics are priceless. I have known these fabrics since my childhood and my parents managed to assure my education thanks to the sale of these products. For that reaso, I can only choose Vlisco. Beyond the fact that I am also attracted by its originality and the quality.

What is your favorite fabric or Vlisco collection and do you have a story or a memory of a particular design to tell us?
R: My favorite Vlisco fabric is "Bloomvi". Other than that the "ya Kpekui", "si tu sors, je sors". Anecdotally, before, womenwere concurring with each other when it came to wearing Dutch Wax, one woman always wanted to look better than the other. In the old days, when there were new Vlisco fabrics added to the market, women would hurry to buy it to be up to date, therefore it was necessary to know the names of the fabrics (laughs).

Would you like to share other things with us?
R: I would just love to say that I wish Vlisco grows bigger. Vlisco always differentiates itself by its originality and especially in the quality of the products. I would like the classics to return more and more, with their mythical names.

Thank you for your time, Mrs.


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