We've dipped the Angelina in a brand new pastel colour: light blue. How to wear this fresh new hue you ask? Continue to read down below and get inspired by how fashion blogger Raliat, from Rallyd Fashion Fanatic wears it!

When did you hear about Vlisco for the first time?
I heard about vlisco for the first time back when I lived in Nigeria. The vlisco wax fabrics was often used to make traditional outfits among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Therefore vlisco fabrics has always been a part of my culture. I recently rediscovered it last year when I started sewing and I have been in love with the fabrics since then.

What is your Vlisco top 3 of the current collection (“SEE”) and why?
My top 3 fabrics are:

VL_FI_VL063723_R_00 VL_FI_VL066580_R_00 (1) VL_FI_VL066703_R_00

I love these 3 fabrics because they truly reflect the “SEE” theme of the collection. The beautiful prints are very captivating to look at and you can “SEE” their prints.

Why do you think the iconic Vlisco design Angelina is a must-have?
I think it’s a must-have because it’s very unique, bold and eye catching, However way you wear the design people would definitely notice it.

How would you describe your style?
My personal style is very feminine, bold, elegant and lady-like. I love adding bold colors and vibrant prints to my outfits. I am such a girly girl that if I can, I would live in dresses and skirts every day.

How does Vlisco fit into your style?
Since I love bold colors and prints, vlisco fabrics fits my style perfectly. The vibrant prints and colors of vlisco fabrics are a must for my outfits especially during the warmer spring and summer season. I love rocking my dresses and skirts made from vlisco fabrics.

Did you enjoy working with the Angelina fabric?
Yes, I did. It was so much fun trying to cut and match the centerpiece print on the Angelina fabric. I also love that it has a printed border which adds a cool factor to the fabric.


Where did you get your inspiration from to start working on your Vlisco items?
I get a lot of my fashion inspirations from Instagram. My inspiration behind the long evening gown was a picture I saw on Instagram last Spring, the gown was a prom gown made from an orange Angelina fabric. It was so different from the typical solid colored evening gowns and I knew I wanted a dress like that so I made one. I have also seen a lot of boxy tops with the Angelina fabric on Instagram. I wanted some similar but a bit more fitted and feminine. That was the inspiration behind the top I made but I added the peter pan collar for a feminine touch.

Why did you decide to make the items you made?
I wanted a long and elegant evening dress I can wear to a holiday parties and a nice printed versatile top that can be styled in many ways.


How is working with Vlisco fabrics different from working with any other type of fabrics?
I can tell the difference in the quality of vlisco fabrics compared to others. They are also very easy to cut and work with, which is always plus for anyone that sews.

Which one of the items you sewed is your favourite?
It’s definitely the evening dress. it’s so dramatic and such a showstopper. I am so looking forward to wearing it to a holiday parties this holiday season. I also really love the top and how versatile it is. I can wear it both dressy for work or casual for running errands or even a lunch dates with my friends.

What’s your ultimate fashion tip (for the festive season)? My ultimate fashion tip (for the festive season)? Step out of your comfort zone. it’s the festive season try something different (i.e prints, sequins, feathers) from what you would normally wear and definitely have fun with your outfits.

Is there anything else you would like to say…?
I included some behind the scenes pictures (see slideshow below).


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