Have you ever wondered where the dashiki, the shirt that was inspired by Vlisco’s design “Angelina”, comes from?

Vlisco’s classic design “Angelina” was created over 50 years ago by Toon van de Manakker, and is therefore a true original Vlisco design. In the 60s and 70s, the Angelina inspired shirt – the dashiki - was born and adopted by African-Americans as a symbol of pride, awareness, affirmation and power.

However, its origin lies in West-Africa where it used to be worn in a longer version, also known as the “grand boubou”. For that reason the dashiki stands for “black is beautiful” and signals a return to African roots.

Decades later its ongoing popularity is still visible globally, and that’s exactly what makes this beloved design extremely special. Angelina continues to enchant people in the form of a shirt, and it seems like this shirt, which stands for cultural reconnection, will never go out of style!

For that reason, we like to surprise you with new colours of this famous design every now and then! Would you like to get the chance to win 2 pieces of six yards Angelina fabrics to create your own dashiki shirt? Click here to find out what to do!


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