For almost 170 years, Vlisco has influenced the lives of our West and Central African consumers. For them, wearing clothes is much more than just about covering your body. It is a form of individual and cultural communication and Vlisco communicates like no other brand.

Vlisco fabrics are a form of self-expression, our consumers transform Wax Hollandais, Dutch Wax, into eye-catching fashion statements that give confidence and individuality to the wearer. Classic designs have remained popular, and still today are saved and cherished to be passed on from one generation to another.

“Made in Holland, but loved by so many African ladies!”

“My mother was proud to wear Vlisco”

“I feel nostalgic when I think of Dutch Wax fabrics, it would make our mothers look like fabulous women”

“These designs remind me of my childhood. My mother has all these timeless pieces.”

These are some words of endearment our lovely consumers have said about our designs.

For generations, Dutch Wax has been embraced as the very fabric of life in many societies. Vlisco is seen by many as African, depicting African identity and pride. It respects and honours cultures and rituals, whilst being inspired by the world at large. Whilst our designers regularly visit the African continent to understand the consumer better, inspiration comes from varying global sources. This ensures that ever new and exciting inspiration and fabrics can be brought to the West African market and consumer. We take immense pride in this special bond and have even tailored certain designs to appeal to specific groups and populations in Africa.

For example in Eastern Nigeria, the Igbo people have their favoured Vlisco designs and colours that they have faithfully worn year in, year out. It is theirs. Even within Vlisco, we refer to the designs as Igbo. This is our gift to them and their rich culture in which we are gratefully entwined.

If you would like to know more about the cultural importance of Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax) in the lives of our consumers, visit Vlisco Stories for more information and maybe submit your own story!

Below you can shop some of the Classic designs, especially curated for our beloved Nigerian consumers.

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