Did you hear about the exciting news of our soon to open store at Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja, Nigeria? Soon it will be even easier to shop your favourite fabrics to wear at your special occasions and family events! If you would like us to keep you updated about our new store opening, and join us during this special event, make sure yocou like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

We would love to see precious photos of family events and moments of you and your family wearing Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax)! Please don’t hesitate to send us your pictures to webcare@vlisco.com or tag us with #vliscooutfit on Instagram.

We are extremely excited to crown our long and special bond with Nigeria by having more direct contact with our loving fans. We take immense pride in being entwined in the rich culture of West and Central Africa. Through the generations, Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax) has played an important role in peoples lives and continues to be entwined in the fashion landscape.

For our loving fans and Connoisseurs of Style, Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax) represents many things, such as tradition, heritage but also fashion inspiration. The appeal of our fabrics goes beyond what we could have ever imagined. It puts a smile on our faces to witness the eye-catching fashion statements, created by both young and mature fans, which are inspired by our vibrant and expressive designs.

We really enjoy seeing old photos of individuals and families, dressed in Wax Hollandais, where their love of Vlisco through the generations, is truly reflected. Nowadays, our fabrics are transformed into more fashion forward silhouettes suitable for the modern African women but the respect and value attributed to the designs, their colours and names remain the same as years gone by. Wax Hollandais connects people, through the generations, and both young and old, as it reflects values of love, timeless style and sophistication – values that even strengthen family bonds. It is still common today that Africans inherit special Vlisco fabrics from their mothers or grandmothers, like wisdom being passed down to the next generation, or as a sign of love from a bridegroom to his future bride.

You can already take a look and shop some of your favourite fabrics below.


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