Our heritage is quite unlike any other. Since 1846 we’ve been creating unique textiles that are cherished for their distinctive designs, colours and Dutch craftsmanship.

All our fabrics have been designed and produced with full dedication and care, and are truly one-of-a-kind. As a result of Vlisco’s special wax dying and colour print process, each yard of our fabric is unique. In fact, we are the only brand still creating genuine Wax Hollandais fabrics today.

We look forward to 170 more years of making
great Vlisco creations together!

Ever since, we’ve been a proud part of the culture and fashion landscape of West and Central Africa. Our rich heritage is interwoven with heart-warming stories, from the success stories of the generations of families that have worked with us to the powerful names and meanings our traders and consumers have given our designs.

We embrace the generations of African women who have expressed their originality, pride and class by wearing our fabrics. Throughout the years they’ve created unique fashion styles, beautifully merging their creative minds with our famous Vlisco print designs.


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