On the last day of their trip, the Vlisco Women’s Month Ambassadors 2015 started off with a Connoisseur of Style workshop. In this workshop they learned everything there is to know about how to recognize a true original Vlisco fabric. If you would like to know this too, please visit our Connoisseur of Style page.

After the workshop, the Ambassadors visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where they were told about ancient arts and famous painters from the Netherlands.

After a quick lunch and high-tea the Ambassadors where up for a surprise: Horse back riding at The Dutch Riding School (De Hollandsche Manege) in Amsterdam. At first, the Ambassadors where a little afraid, but after Snow, Spott, Jumper, Lucy, Julia and Fire broke the ice they took off in style like true ladies.

The day ended with a Glamour Boat Tour on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, but not before taking another fabulous group photo.

View some pictures below and stay tuned for the interviews with our Ambassadors, soon to be featured on our blog.

Photography: Seth Carnill


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